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I nurture and always keep close to my eyes and hands an endless collection in my studio. Things with some meaning that catch my eye, activate my memory, echo in me in some way, even if with uncertainty.


Artifacts from Brazilian native nations, tools that were once useful, fragments of important pieces of something that can no longer be named, objects that friends give me, that might interest me. I spend my time with this collection, which is always on display in the studio and, in a game in which one thing pulls another, I create connections between parts, mix senses, and create pieces for the body - jewelry.


I draw, choose, put together, contrast, organize, dismantle. I combine leftover pieces, parts, remnants, on a high table in the center of the workshop that I call a thinking table, which is next to the jewelry station. Going from one table to the other is where the clash between the random takes place, a trait of that which I collect to eventually become the matter of my pieces; and the precision of traditional jewelry tools, techniques, and materials.


In the same way that an unexpected material imposes learning and other ways of making on the workbench so that projects come true, the need for a technical solution leads to a search for a not-sure-what in the boxes where everything is organized with not so obvious but effective criteria, in these searches that grope rather than pinpoint precisely what I want to find.


What exists in the studio is not a system, it is a reflection of my being in the world, it is a field that I create and recreate all the time, where work generates more work and ends up creating a body, a whole, and even by creating different a variety of pieces jewelry, I believe that there is an identity between them. I can say that one of the traits of this identity is finding the precious in places other than in wealth.

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• Graduated in Fine Arts from Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado - FAAP, class of 1980
• Jewelery classes with Salvador Francisco Neto at his studio since 2013
• Contemporary art seminars with the artist Carlos Fajardo since 2005
• Workshops with Iris Eichenberg and Daniela Malev in 2019



• I Biennial of Contemporary Jewelery in Lisbon, Cold Sweat Exhibition at the São Roque Museum, Lisbon, Portugal

Mãos Dadas, rings exhibition, São Paulo, Brazil

Desesquecimentos, solo exhibition, Galeria Alice Floriano, Porto Alegre, Brazil



Joias e Objetos de Proteção para o Século XXI, PIN - Portuguese Association of Contemporary Jewelery and MUDE - Museum of Design and Fashion, Portugal | virtual exhibition and catalog on the MUDE website


Antes que tudo acabe, Alice Floriano Gallery, Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil
Aquilo que abraça, curatorship by Miriam Pappalardo and Renata Porto, Virgílio Gallery, São Paulo, SP, Brazil


Mulheres que leem são perigosas, OFF – JOYA Barcelona, ​​na Tuuulibreria com Marta Costa Reis e Alejandra Ferrer, Barcelona, Spain | Yuxi Sun's article on klimt02 about the exhibition

Aquilo que abraça: Joyeria Contemporánea Brasileña, curated by Miriam Pappalardo and Renata Porto, Centro Cultural Brasil-Argentina, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Nami Wakabayashi and Marcia Cirne, curatorship by Marisa Otta, Estudio Manus, São Paulo, Brazil
Tanto Mar, Transatlantic Design Flows, MUDE, curatorship by Bárbara Coutinho and Adélia Borges, Palácio da Calheta, Tropical Botanical Garden, Lisbon



• PINAPARIS, Bijoux Contemporains, curated by Monika Brugger, at Maison de Portugal André Gouveia, Paris



• Jewelry on display at the Thomas Cohn Gallery in Schmuck, Munich, Germany
• Marcia Cirne at the Thomas Cohn Gallery, São Paulo, Brazil | Interview with the Art Jewelry Forum


• Jewelry exhibition at the Cavalo de Pau design store in Lisbon, Portugal


Man, Nature, Technology, Brasilianisches Kulturinstitut in Berlin, Germany


• Membro PIN | 

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