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Collection created during the 2021 pandemic, in the environment of vital insecurity that shook us all. It had never occurred to me to make protective objects, despite being fascinated by them since childhood, initially by the scapulars received in catechism classes and later, in a slightly wider universe, by the hand-stitched patuás, Candomblé guides, ex-votos, reliquaries, smokers, things to wear in your pockets and everything that the great Bispo do Rosário did.


As the name says, these are the result of mixing objects from my endless collection, materials that, when put together, suggest ideas, remind me of things, demand adaptations of procedures, make me invent gizmos, doubting that it is possible to achieve the desired result until, suddenly, everything fits together. 

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metal moulds

Pieces made from rings cast in old metal moulds, reconfigured, resignified. This work is only possible thanks to the generosity of the master Salvador Francisco Neto, who lets me use his precious collection of metal moulds, inherited from his father and acquired throughout his life.


Pieces made from packaging dielines in which the scale and contours have been deliberately modified. The jewels follow the opposite direction of the packaging: designed with a burin and drypoint, they are all hand-cut with a jewelry saw bow, a process quite different from industrial laser cutting. If they didn't form such a strongly conceptualized group, they could perfectly be part of the mixed collection, for seeking in industrial design objects that will be transformed by another use, and for being made in the most absolute craftsmanship.

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design + matter

These pieces are the result of a game between the characteristics of materials such as silver, copper, wood, leather, steel, various wires, their malleability, rigidity, memory, weight, resistance, color, softness, transparency, shine and how they behave when twisted, stretched, pulled, forged, beaten, heated, welded, stacked, perforated, molded... This game begins in the sketching of projects that have the body as destination - they are drawings to wear.

Many of the rubber and silver jewelry pieces from this collection were exhibited at the Thomas Cohn gallery in 2015 and at his space at Schmuck, Munich, in the same year. 

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